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Tournament rules - Minima/Maxima

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Tournament rules - Minima/Maxima

Post by starkadder on Tue Oct 14, 2014 8:56 pm

I need a proper clarification on the MIN/MAX section of the tournament rules.

I'm fine with:
"How to halve minima and maxima: Minima and maxima are halved and rounded up. When maximum is 2 and these Units can form large Units (according to list), this maximum is not halved."

I am not fine with:
"In 350pts game don’t halve the maxima of the more numerous troop type(s)(the bulk of the army)"

That seems flabby to me. Which units are the "more numerous"? Does it mean most numerous? Equally flabby. Where does the term "more numerous" cease to be relevant? The first, the second, the third?

In my opinion, half maxima should be an absolute, where possible.

I will make one exception in the case of lists that have difficulty reaching 350pts. Then the most common type of the indicated list will be given some leeway.

Unless otherwise disabused with good reasoning, this is how I will be applying it at Cancon '15.

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Re: Tournament rules - Minima/Maxima

Post by RogerC on Wed Oct 15, 2014 11:54 am

Odd - when I tried to look at Advanced Impetus on the Website, I got an old version that doesn't mention 350 point games. so I'm working from memory.

I didn't have a problem with this provision. You can have more than 50% of whichever unit type is allowed most units in the army list. If there are two or more unit types allowed the most units, you can chose either, but not both, when exceeding the 50% limit.

If it says more rather than most, I agree there is a bit of room for doubt, but I think the intention is clear. Otherwise there is a small risk that a list isn't possible, and a slightly bigger risk that you'll have to max out on ancillary unit types to get to the right points value.

That mean you can have even more Turkomen in your army, Starkadder.



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