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15mm Roman Casulties

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15mm Roman Casulties

Post by Darren A on Thu Nov 20, 2014 10:56 pm

I love the look that can be achieved with the Impetus basing sizes which can be attested too with some of the fantastic galleries as seen on the forum.

I am creating a 15mm Imperial Roman army and wanted to achieve a look whereby the front rant of legionaries seems to by a bit disordered with casualties etc. I have seen some great poses in 28mm but have been unable to find a miniature manufacturer who produce something similar.

Anybody have some suggestions?
Darren A

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Re: 15mm Roman Casulties

Post by Zippee on Fri Nov 21, 2014 7:55 am

Peter Pig does EIR casualties but they are all dead/prone (they lack the wounded poses of most other ranges sadly)
Below is my compiled list of 15mm casualties
PP 58 New Kingdom Egyptian Dead
PP 61 New Kingdom Egyptian Casualties
PP 39 Tuareg Foot Casualties
PP 45 German Warband Casualties
PP 46 German Warband Dead
PP 64 EIR Legio, segmentata Dead
PP 74 Parthian Cataphract Casualties
PP 78 Parthian Foot Dead
Donnington DD01 Republican Roman, mail, helmet Dead
Donnington DD02 Hellenistic, cuirass, helmet Dead
Donnington DD03 Celt, shield, limed hair Dead
Donnington DD04 Barbarian, tunic Dead
Donnington DD05 Asiatic, tunic, bow Dead
Donnington DD06 EIR Legio, segmentata Dead
Donnington DD07 Parthian Cataphract Dead
Donnington DD08 LIR, tunic, helmet, shield Dead
Donnington DD09 LIR Cavalry, mail Dead
Donnington DD10 Sassanid Clibanarius Dead
Donnington DD11 Goth Cavalry Dead
Donnington DD12 Arab/Moslem, quiver Dead
Donnington DD13 Crusader Infantry, shield Dead
Donnington DD14 Crusader Knight, mail, surcoat Dead
Donnington DD15 Medieval Horse, steppe Dead
Donnington DD16 Medieval Horse, scale armour Dead
Donnington DD17 17th Century Heavy Horse Dead
Donnington DD18 17th Century Musketeer Dead
Donnington DD19 17th Century Pikeman Dead
Donnington DD20 17th Century Cavalry Dead
Donnington DD21 Cataphract Horse Dead
Donnington DD22 Samnite, shield Dead
Donnington DD23 Hoplite, shield Dead
Donnington DD24 Skythian Dead
Donnington DD25 Spanish Scutarius, shield Dead
Donnington DD26 Numidian, shield Dead
Donnington DD27 Norman, mail, kite shield Dead
Donnington DD28 Viking, mail, axe Dead
Donnington DD29 Saxon, mail, shield Dead
Donnington DD30 Saxon, tunic, shield Dead
Donnington DD31 Mongol Dead
Donnington DD32 15th Century Knight Dead
Donnington DD33 15th Century Horse, Armoured Dead
Donnington DD34 Pile of stripped bodies Pile
Donnington DD35 Pile of shields and swords Pile
Donnington DD36 Impaled Victim Victim
Donnington DD37 Crucified Victim Victim
Donnington DD38 Dacian, rhomphaia Dead
Donnington DD39 Thracian, pelta Dead
Donnington DD40 Horse, saddle cloth Dead
Donnington DD41 Tower of Skulls Pile
Xyston ANC20230 Greek Casualties Dead
Xyston ANC20202 Spanish Casualties Dead
Xyston ANC20190 Gallic Casualties Dead
Venexia GI31 Italian Wars cavalry Dead
Venexia GI32 Italian Wars infantry Dead
QRF GG11 Gallic Casualties Dead
QRF HG07 Hellenistic Casualties Dead
QRF IG04 Islemen casualties Dead
QRF PI09 Pict/Scot Casualties Dead
QRF RE22 Republican Roman Casualties Dead
QRF VI07 Viking Casualties Dead
Essex CIA1 Medieval Archers Dead
Essex CIA2 Medieval Spearmen Dead
Essex CIA3 Medieval Knights 1200-1275 Dead
Essex CIA4 Medieval Knights 1275-1350 Dead
Essex CIA5 Medieval Knights 1350-1400 Dead
Essex CIA6 Medieval Knights 1400-1500 Dead
Essex CIA7 Medieval Unarmoured Horses Dead
Essex CIA8 Medieval Barded Horses Dead
Essex CIA9 Medieval Armoured Horses Dead
Essex CIA10 Medieval Knights on falling horses 1200-1300 Casualties

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