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L&S Rule Query - Activation

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L&S Rule Query - Activation

Post by Jezabel on Thu May 21, 2015 10:03 am

I found a review of L&S on the Delta Vector site that says "Each player rolls 3d6. The total is their Action Points pool, and the winner goes first. You can also keep up to 6AP aside for use in your opponents' turn." To me that reads as if you roll your AP then you use your AP to do stuff. And if you want, you can stop doing stuff (ie end your turn) your turn and keep up to 6 AP for use in your opponent's turn.

But the rules appear to say something else, I think. I'm not sure I understand the rules as written. Section 5.0 on page 6 talks about how you roll for APs and use them to do actions. The last para of section 5.0 says "You can pass your turn and keep a maximum of 6 APs which can be carried forward for next turn (sic) or for Opportunity actions, any other points are lost."

To me, section 5.0 read as if you roll your AP then either a) you use your AP to do stuff, OR b) you choose to pass ie to not use your AP. If you pass, you do nothing THAT TURN (you don't do any stuff), but you can keep up to 6 AP. If you keep 6 AP, you can either a) add them to YOUR NEXT TURN's AP roll OR b) use them for Opportunity actions in your opponent's turn.

One more question. The para quoted above refers to using the kept 6 AP for "Opportunity actions". I can only find references to opportunity shooting in the rules. Are there any other opportunity actions you can do with the kept APs?


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Re: L&S Rule Query - Activation

Post by Lance K. on Thu May 21, 2015 2:36 pm

Good question. I guess I interpreted the words "next turn" to mean "my opponent's next turn," but it could just as easily be interpreted as "your next turn."

It would be nice to have clarification.

Lance K.

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