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Figuring out a Fight between Phalanxes

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Figuring out a Fight between Phalanxes

Post by AncientWarrior on Sat Jun 13, 2015 1:54 pm

Four large units of Pezetairoi (from the Lysimachos list in Extra Impetvs 4) take on four large units of Greek mercenary hoplites from the Demetrius list in the same supplement.


Where X, Y, F, and G represent the Pezetairoi, and T, R, A, and B represent the Hoplites.

The O are place holders. The large units of Pezetairoi are the active side, having moved as a group into contact with the static line of Hoplites.

The active player decides to resolve G and F vs B and A first, declaring G and B as the main units and F and A as supports.

G has a VBU of 4 and an Impetus of 1, is fresh and not disordered. There are 2 units behind it, so it gets 2 more d6 according to melee modifier table. The unit will roll 7 dice as the main unit along with 4 for the supporting unit for a total of 11. (The supporting unit is the same as the main unit.)

The mercenary hoplite main unit has a VBU of 5 and an Impetus of 2. The Impetus factor does not apply since they are receiving the charge. They are fresh, in good order, and have 2 units behind the first. Checking the table of melee modifiers, I see that these hoplites get an additional d6 for the melee, but NOT 2 more for the 2 units behind the first. So, in total, the hoplites will roll 9 dice (6 for the main unit and 3 for the supporting unit).

When the dice settle, the Greeks have been hit 4 times while the pikemen have been hit twice. The Cohesion Number for the Greeks is 1; the Cohesion Number for the pikemen is 2. The Greeks roll a 3 and so suffer 2 damage (marked against the rear most unit) and are disordered. The pikemen roll a 2 and are disordered without taking any losses - whew!

The main Greek unit rolls a 6 and retreats 3U from the melee. It is marked disordered. Its supporting unit, Unit A, is also marked as disordered and rolls a 4 on the die, forcing a retreat of 2U.

The pike phalanxes elect not to pursue.

Moving down the line, can F act as a support unit to main unit Y, or is contact necessary between F and R in order to have this happen? Guessing that some degree of contact would be required, the next melee would involve either Y and X as the declared main unit versus the enemy opposite. It seems that the same number of dice would be rolled to determine the temporary winner.

1) This “problem” does not take into account the new supported flanks rules.

2) If B and A manage to repulse the pikemen of G and F, they are not permitted to pursue and initiate a new round of melee - possibly earning the impetus die - until it is their turn, until they are actually activated by the opposing player - correct?

3) If G and F become disordered, they can no longer be part of the group. I imagine they would be moved to the left a bit to represent NOT being part of the group. What would be the recommended distance from a friendly unit, 1/4 an inch, 1/8 and inch?




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Re: Figuring out a Fight between Phalanxes

Post by Gaius Cassius on Sat Jun 13, 2015 4:46 pm

You have problems in your resolution from the very beginning. Assuming that the scaling on your example is roughly correct there are no support units at the beginning of the melee.


G is the main unit to B
F is the main unit to A
Y is the main unit to R
X is the main unit to T

Remember, in a melee a unit cannot be both a main unit and a support unit. Now depending on how the melees resolve units that were main units in one melee may become free to be support units in another. But not at the start.
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Re: Figuring out a Fight between Phalanxes

Post by AncientWarrior on Sat Jun 13, 2015 10:08 pm

OK. Thanks.


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Re: Figuring out a Fight between Phalanxes

Post by Sponsored content

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