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Basic Impetus 2 Comp, January 2018?

Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:03 am by Aurelius

Would anyone be interested in a 28mm Basic Impetus 2 tournament, Saturday …

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Vapnartak York Feb 2018- format options?

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Hi everyone

I was pondering the options for the York competition and wondered …

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Impetus Competition Derby Worlds 2017

Sun Jul 02, 2017 4:42 pm by Cyrus The Adequate

There will be a 28mm Impetus Competition at Derby World Wargames on 7th …

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Impetus at Derby?

Thu Apr 27, 2017 9:29 am by Cyrus The Adequate

Anyone interested ? 7th & 8th October at a new venue - Bruntingthorpe …

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Wintercon '17 July 15-16th

Sat May 06, 2017 11:44 pm by Tarty

Canberra July 15th-16th

Basic Impetus 2
Game days are Saturday and Sunday

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BI2 tournament - 25 March 2017

Thu Jan 26, 2017 10:08 am by RogerC

Would anyone be interested in a 28mm Basic Impetus 2 tournament on 25 March …

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December 2017

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Thoughts on Derby 2015

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Thoughts on Derby 2015

Post by Cyrus The Adequate on Sun Oct 04, 2015 9:52 pm

Here was the draws and running orders for the day

Round 1
John v James – 19-111
Jez v Ken - 0-130
Matt v Jan – 98-32
Tony v Paul – 7-123

Second Round
Ken v Paul - 82-48
James v Matt - 82-48
Jan v John – 47-45
Tony v Jez 40-38

Round 3
Ken v James – 42-88
Paul v Matt – 116-14
John v Jez – 8-122
Tony v Jan (score not recorded –will check other bits of paper but a draw IIRC)

Stand out moments – I had 3 great games – against Jez and his Swiss my light horse did enough casualties to his support units to allow me to win without having too much contact with the deadly Swiss pike. Paul was a tough opponent with his Feudal English – in fact it was down to one point of VD and it would have been a mutual snap. Then there was James and his Romans………

When he posted this list I couldn’t make my mind up if it was genius or foolish. He ran four commands each with an incompetent general. Each command consisted pretty much of a Legionary unit, one Auxilia and one cavalry. The problem was that the generals were with the Legions and the Legions were A class veterans VBU 6 I3, so the generals may well be incompetent, but the Legions certainly were not! Playing me he attacked with single minded determination, chasing down and driving my light horse back. Even though I won the initiative most of the time this usually meant he had four commands still left to activate when I had finished, and those damned A class Legions with generals were rallying from disorder on a 2! I made a few mistakes and was punished mercilessly by James who was on top form.

Of course I worked out a cunning plan how to beat him the next morning – at least I think I have

The other event of note was that in the draw Paul and John didn’t meet – which was a shame as they had historically opposed armies, so as they were both free Sunday morning they agreed to play another game – and Paul – overall victor in the competition got his backside handed to him by John who finished seventh. Just goes to show !
Cyrus The Adequate

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Re: Thoughts on Derby 2015

Post by JR2 on Mon Oct 05, 2015 9:09 am

Thanks Ken for stepping in as organiser and thanks to all who attended. As always, win or lose, three great games played in the spirit of fun and a great bunch of guys. As a backdrop I think the Derby event is great and one I look forward to all year. Hopefully we can get more numbers in coming years and get back to the 16 or so we have seen in previous years.

Thanks also Paul for the game on Sunday. That one was the most interesting and bloody of all the battles! Both of us on the point of breaking for a few turns, Midway through it was looking like the Romans and Swiss all over again but a few lucky breaks evened things up. Paul's longbow were struggling to hit anything worthwhile and then his knight charge faltered a bit. 3-0 short bow A archers are not supposed to stop and then force back 7-4 knights but the system always throws up a few surprises. I think they may have been up late watching the rugby the night before! Indeed, copious amounts of mead the previous evening meant his flank march did not even get out of bed.

Look forward to seeing you all next year or at the next event!




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Re: Thoughts on Derby 2015

Post by Aurelius on Mon Oct 05, 2015 1:34 pm

Thanks to Ken and all the guys who made for another great days Impetus gaming. And thanks to Ross who made the initial arrangements.

Well Charles the Bold managed to follow historical precedent by not winning his battles! One loss and two draws seems to have ended Burgundian aspirations. But at least he was not killed in action, so perhaps he may yet ride again...

A copy of Baroque (when published) is the ideal result Very Happy



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Re: Thoughts on Derby 2015

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