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Impetus Competition Derby Worlds 2017

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Getting to grips!

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Getting to grips!

Post by pw4379 on Sun Jun 08, 2014 3:47 pm

I have just finished a "practice" game with Impetus where my prime purpose was to get more familiar with the rules, so forgive me if I sound naive and state the obvious, but I would be interested in the comments from more experienced players in case I am getting the wrong end of the stick.

First off I learnt that Impetus is a wonderfully exciting and fluid game. Far more so that DMX.

I found the archery much more effective than I had expected. OK it did not cause massive damage but it quite quickly eroded a units capacity.

Horse archers were especially deadly. Able to fire 360 degrees and to move obliquely, if they got onto your flank watch out! A unit of CL with a VBU of four, +4 for point blank short bow B (vs cavalry), probably -1 because they moved into position and you have 7 dice! As you are to the flank and out of the ZOC there seems to be nothing the target can do about it!

I was also surprised at how long a higher VBU unit could last. The cohesion tests can be deadly but there were fewer "surprise" results than I had expected.

I did find that there was quite a lot to remember. Initiative re-throws for Expert generals, ZOC response actions, the + on the cohesion tests for being shot at. Missing any of these can make a significant difference. But that's why I am having the "practice" games. I find with any rule set you need to play quite a bit to get a really fluid game.

The melee with its endless possibilities of follow-ups and re-starts as new units join was a particular challenge!

Overall the rules seem to be very subtle. The emphasis does seem to be on the flow of play rather than the geometric mechanics of DBX and FOG.

I have a few specific rule questions that I will post on the relevant forum.

I look forward to a very enjoyable future with this rule set and to some interesting discussions on the forums.

Cheers everyone.
ps I was using a Hun army against a Tibetan. Bit of an odd mix I know, but LOTS of horses!


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Re: Getting to grips!

Post by Granicus Gaugamela on Mon Jun 09, 2014 1:46 am

Seems like you nailed it!

The old saying "an hour to learn, a lifetime to master" certainly applies to Impetus.

Granicus Gaugamela

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Re: Getting to grips!

Post by Jim Webster on Mon Jun 09, 2014 7:31 am

I'd second that  Very Happy 

Jim Webster
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Re: Getting to grips!

Post by Sponsored content

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