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Baroque / Impetus Differences

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Baroque / Impetus Differences

Post by Aurelius on Sun Oct 30, 2016 11:50 am

Have played a few games of Baroque now, and very much like the style of the game, it gives very dynamic and absorbing play, especially the "reaction" mechanism. Coming from an Impetus background I notice a number of other subtle changes that I wonder if they were intended?

Impetus makes the specific statement (in the context of a group move) that opposing units in melee should not line up (7.7.1). This allows other units to join a melee later as support units. Baroque does not have group moves, nor does it appear to have any limitations on melee alignments, so it would appear that two opponents can be aligned exactly. Such a case makes it more difficult for other units to join an existing melee. So, should Baroque units attempt to align exactly with opponents, or should they always be offset as in Impetus?

In Impetus, if shooting factors are reduced to zero by modifiers then there is "no shot". In Baroque 6.1.1 says that if shooting factors are reduced to zero, " die is rolled anyway." So in some situations (typically at Long range) a unit that was effectively safe under Impetus, can be targeted in Baroque. Interesting.

Great game, look forward to seeing how many of Baroque's ideas move over to Impetus 2.


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Re: Baroque / Impetus Differences

Post by Zippee on Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:17 pm

As Baroque is silent on the lining up I suspect it's WYSIWYG. Typically combats are one unit against another, I don't see a lot of multiple melees.

If pushed I'd rather assume exact alignment is impossible - I certainly don't think units should be artificially aligned.

Baroque is a much more 'shooty' game. In Impetus allowing 1 dice shots as a minimum would mean many units never deteriorate Smile I think this is probably a reasonable difference.

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